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Above the Clouds
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A new approach to creating leading organizations in
healthcare innovation.

We bring transparent solutions to support companies who empower people to enjoy longer, healthier lives.

We provide building blocks to create a patient-centric world.

OneHealth is a purpose-built innovation ecosystem where we remove the traditional burdens of launching and building companies by leveraging research, industry experts & corporate partners, investors, technology, and scalable infrastructure to support entrepreneurs in democratizing access to core high-quality care. OneHealth is made up of 4 verticals which are the building blocks to our ecosytem. 




We support companies with capital and a  scalable platform of centralized administrative services and systems to allow companies to leverage more scalable tools to operate ahead of their size and focus on operational growth not administrative and capital burdens.



We build technology with a combination of a shared patient hub, payor management platform, core practice management intellectual property, and a proprietary development automation environment that provides ready made scalable and enterprise level solutions.


Real Estate

We provide purpose-built de-novo development and real estate fund platforms to provide extremely efficient solutions companies can leverage so their capital is focused on operational growth where our partner companies achieve the highest value.



We use innovative capital structures & consultative solutions to support the launch of highly innovative & efficient professional healthcare programs, reducing the debt burden of professionals, &  addressing undersupply challenges facing communities lacking ample access to care.

We’re Building a Better Approach to Healthcare ask us how.

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